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CMEC water plant project in Angola improves the people's well-being



The phase-III construction of the Candelabra Water Plant, a key public-benefit project of Angola, was recently featured on a TV show produced by CGTN, an English news channel owned by the Chinese state-owned broadcaster China Central Television. The project was undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CEMC).

Interior of a factory at the site of CMEC Candelabro Water Plant Phase-III Project [A screen grab from the CGTN report]

The report noted CMEC's 20 years of efforts in Angola and the general situation of the phase-III water plant. An interviewee said that they are delighted to have access to high-quality drinking water 24 hours a day.

When completed the project will be interconnected with the phase I and II water plants, also constructed by CMEC. Water quality monitoring and overall balanced water supply will be achieved through remote collection of water sample data and centralized dispatching.

After interconnection, the plant will have a daily capacity of 210,000 cubic meters, which will benefit nearly 2 million people in 10 regions including the capital Luanda. The "Water City Candelabra" will come into being and solve the problem of people having difficulty accessing drinking water.

The project also drew widespread praise from the country's local and national broadcasters in Angola.