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Our Business

  • Power Engineering

    Sinomach is a competitive contractor for overseas power projects and a top power plant exporter in China. The company has seized over 70-percent share of China’s total power plant exports in terms of installed capacity.

  • Automobile Engineering

    Sinomach has a dominant market share in new construction projects in China's automobile industry. It has undertaken projects involving factory design, project management and turnkey project services.

  • Factory Construction Projects

    As a market leader in factory construction, Sinomach delivers superior services in areas of planning and design; process design for new construction; and optimization and expansion of factory buildings.

  • Communications and Transportation Engineering

    Sinomach has been involved in or acted as the general contractor for the construction of bridges, railways, subways and highways in Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries and regions.

  • Ports, Harbors and shipbuiding Engineering

    Sinomach has undertaken a great number of major port and harbor construction projects in China, and turnkey projects involving shipbuilding and harbor facilities for Myanmar, Thailand and other countries.