5 Tips to Keep Your Hands Healthy and Youthful-Looking

Hands Healthy and Youthful-LookingYour hands are constantly in the spotlight, especially when you are interacting with those around you, may it be shaking your bosses’ hand or paying the cashier at the supermarket.

By learning to care for your hands, you will avoid unnecessary aging and keep them looking ageless.

Our Aging Hands

Most of us have developed a very strict routine for our facial skincare but often we forget about our hands. Why should we worry about our hands?

Our hands have a very thin layer of skin that receives non-stop abuse from the harsh soaps and our day-today activities. Our hands’ skin can miraculously renew the thin layer of skin on our hands, but over time, it looses its youthful appearance. Why is that?

The sad reality is our skin cell’s production begins to slow down drastically after we are 30 years old and with each passing year, it gets slower and slower. Meaning our skin is weaker at repairing any damage to our hands’ delicate skin, causing unwanted aging and fine lines. Another dismal fact about turning thirty is that our skin stops producing normal amounts of collagen, which leaves our hands looking, like our grandma’s.

But no need to despair, in this article we will discuss 5 simple ways you can keep your hands looking healthy and youthful. These hints will also help repair any damage your hands received over the years.

5 Secrets to Healthier and Younger Looking Hands

Discoloration, sunspots, dryness and wrinkles can make your hands look years older, but by implementing these simple suggestions you can ward off any skins of aging. So what are you waiting for, start reading and be on the road to ageless hands.

1. Exfoliate

ExfoliateOne of the reasons for aging hands is the excess build-up of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells prevent your healthy skin from absorbing cream that will nutrient your skin, causing your skin to look like a weathered old piece of leather.

This is the number one secret to have and maintain healthier and younger looking hands. The key to exfoliate your hands at least once a week, you can either make your own mixture or buy one at the local supermarket. By exfoliating your hands you will remove any dead skin cells, leaving your hands silky soft.

2. Hydrate

HydrateWe wash our hands countless times throughout the day, which can strip our skin of moisture and natural nutrients, leaving our hands dry and chapped. Sadly, dryness leads to wrinkles and fine lines.

The secret to avoid dry hands is to try and apply a good quality moisturizer every time we wash our hands. When choosing a moisturizer, avoid lotions, as they are not absorbed quickly into the skin. Instead choose thick cream that are jammed pack of nutrients that will feed your hand’s skin.

3. Sunscreen

Our hands get a lot of sun exposure, which quickly destroys their thin layer of skin causing early signs of aging. Sun exposure causes brown spots, loss of skin’s elasticity, thickness and natural collagen.

The simple solution is to slather on that sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen generously throughout the day on the back of your hands. Even if we are inside or driving a car, our hands still can receive sun damage by the powerful UVA rays that filter through the windows.

4. Protection

Our hands are exposed to the environment and absolutely everything we touch. How can we protect our hands from day-to-day wear and tear?

One of the best suggestions is to wear gloves when performing certain activities such as, gardening, driving our car, and cleaning our house and even when washing our dishes. This will avoid our hands from being exposed to damaging sunshine, harsh chemicals and environmental factors that could dry out our skin.

5. Don’t forget your nails

The skin around our nails and cuticles can become dry and chapped. Sadly, as we age our nails and cuticles become more fragile and weak because our body is producing less collagen, leaving our nails looking brittle and cracked.

The key lies in protecting your nails by avoiding biting your nails, since that can lead to torn skin and cause serious nail infections that can be unsightly. Make it part of your daily routine, to rub a good quality ointment on your nails. If you find the skin is extremely chapped around your nails, try using a good quality Chapstick to restore them to their youthfulness.


Our hands are essential tools that we need for almost everything we do. Shouldn’t we show them the due appreciation they need, and treat with love and care? Following the simple and easy suggestions above doesn’t have to be a big production, but it can easily become part of our daily skincare routine for our face.

What are you waiting for, give your hands the helping hand they need to be restored to their youthfulness?