Age Spots On Hands: What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It?

Age Spots On Hands womanAging brings about many health concerns and issues which are unavoidable. One common effect of aging on a person is seen on his or her skin – and among those visible signs of aging skin is the age spot.

Age spots can be acquired through a lot of different reasons which may include work-related factors, the type of environment which the skin is exposed to, wrong use and choice of skin treatment solutions, overexposureto sunlight, and many others.

Whenever age spots appear on the skin, it leaves a rather noticeable discoloration and brings a dry and aged effect on the skin.

While it age spots are not very pleasing to see on the skin, it can also lead to skin infections and problems such as skin acne and can block the pores of the skin for you to understand age spots and what you can do to avoid it or slow down its development.

We’ll share to you all the things you need to know regarding age spots on hands on any other parts of your body.

Understanding age spots on hands and other parts of the body

Age Spots On Hands womanBasically, age spots are those that are the visible spots we see on the skin as we age. These are usually flat brownish, grayish and oftentimes block spots located on all parts of the skin especially on the hands.

These age spots are commonly located on skin areas which are directly exposed to the sun or without covering such as on the neck, face, arms, andhands. Age spots are called in other places as liver spots and are also medically called as lentigo, sun spots or solar lentigines.

The age spots are often the result of too much production of melanin or skin pigmentation. The truth is that there is no definite reason why age spots develop however there are many known factors that could influence its occurrence.

Among the factors that could impede the development of age spots include too much exposure to the sun, chemicalreaction from skin treatment solutions, skin exposure to harsh environments, and many others.

Although age spots are considered normal foraging people, these spots can also be found on younger people. Also, regardless of the age, any race or ethnicity, as well as the gender of a person, is also irrelevant when it comes togetting age spots.

How to treat age spots

At the first signs of age spots, it should be treated right away in order to avoid spreading and irritation inother parts of the skin. Here are a few ways on how you can treat or slow down the development of age spots.

Using creams and skin treatment solutions

Using creams as well as skin treatment solutions to deal with many skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles, dry and flaky skins has been the most common and cheap option. Skin treatment solutions immediately bring about skin that is moisturizedand leaves a vibrant effect on the skin upon application.

Although many such solutions say that they can relieve skin ailments, they usually don’t work in an instant. It requires constant reapplication and a good amount in order to reap its full effects.

When looking for skin treatments and solution, it is important to consider the ingredients of the product since some ingredients and substances may be harmful to specific types of skins, especiallyforsensitive skins.

If you’re not sure which treatment solution to purchase over the counter, it is first important to consult a professional or a skin expert.


If you’re looking for a safer way to deal with age spots and other skin problems, the best way to do so is by consulting a dermatology expert or a skin doctor. No one else knows about these problems than the doctors themselves and they can provide you with possible solutions to deal with your problem.

While some prescriptions may not totally eliminate the skin problem, they can definitely slow down the production and can even lighten the spots provided by the age spots to make them look invisible or in-tonewith the skin.

Prescriptions also provide you with a sure-fire way to deal with age spots and other skin problems. The only possible downside with opting for prescriptions from experts is that it would definitely cost more.

Laser treatment

Lastly, if you’re not the person to use creams or treatment solutions on your skin because you feel uncomfortable about it, you can also consider the laser treatment to deal with age spots.

Laser treatments to deal with many skin problems have been a common solution these days not only because of its high rate of effectiveness but also because it is a one-time process which brings instant result.

Also, laser treatments do not require the useof other substances aside from the oil which is applied on the skin prior to operation. This solution makes use of photothermal waves which are safe even for the sensitive skin.

Furthermore, the laser treatment can be used on other parts of the body such as on the face, neck, thighs, hands, chest, arms, and others.

Of course, since it uses the most advanced technology in skin care, it comes with a hefty price.


Age spots on hands and on anywhere around the body are indeed normal and one should not be alarmed about any adverse effects.

However, due to the discoloration that it leaves the skin, it may become unsightly and oftentimes can make the skin look stained. With these relevant information,however, you will be sure to know how to deal with age spots and can make an easier decision on which treatment method to take.

If you’re looking for an instant way to deal with age spots and don’t bother about spending much then you can opt for the laser and prescription methods.

Otherwise, you can opt for the regular treatment solutions for a cheaper and friendlier as well as manageable approach.