Make Your Hands Calluses – Free with these Natural Hand Care Tips

calluses on handsOne of the many hand problems people usually have is calluses. A callus is something that makes you feel uncomfortable. It happens when the skin on the palm of your hands hardens and thickens as a result of doing heavy manual jobs.

This hardened skin forms a layer of armor and it’s rubbed frequently on an object, it will form blisters.

Many people complain about this condition as something that is distracting and a bit painful especially when it tears and you just have to deal with it.

To get rid of calluses on hands, you simply have to perform proper hand care using the natural approach.

This is the best way to treat them and remove them as quickly as possible.

How to Treat Calluses

1. Use an Apple Cider Vinegar and an Olive Oil

Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and apply it on your calluses directly. Then, cover it with a bandage overnight. Take away the bandage the next morning and remove the cotton ball.

Next, scrub the callused area using a pumice stone. You can then apply a little amount of olive oil to the area in order to provide moisture to it.

Do this once a day and you’ll see it healing eventually. This treatment method is effective since it’s natural and you do not have to buy expensive medicines and ointments at the drugstore.

Apple cider vinegar is known to be effective in treating calluses both on hands and on feet because of its acidic nature that has the ability to soften the affected area.

2. Use Lemon

The same way with using an apple cider, soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice and cover it with a bandage or an adhesive tape. Let it be covered overnight. Replace the cotton ball with a new one in the morning.

Lemon is a powerful natural remedy to get rid of calluses because it has also an acidic property that removes the toughened skin. Its property also makes the calluses less painful for you to bear.

3. Use a Castor Oil

Castor oil is another treatment method for calluses that is natural and really effective. It helps soften the area. When you do this treatment, combine the castor oil with an apple cider vinegar and heat the combination to make the solution warm. Apply the combination on your calluses and wait for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Next, take a warm water and wash the affected area. You can then make use of your pumice stone and start removing the skin cells that are already dead.

Do this method at least twice or thrice a day.

4. Use Bread and Vinegar

Surprisingly, bread can also be used as a treatment for calluses. When combines with vinegar, it’s a powerful agent in softening your affected skin and preventing it from getting inflamed.

What you just need to do is to create a paste from the combination of bread and a vinegar.Make sure that the vinegar that you are using is distilled.

Soak and let it stay in a lukewarm water for about ten minutes.

Take your pumice stone and scrub the area. Next, clean it with a warm water. Now you are ready to apply the combined bread and vinegar paste.

Once done, cover it with a bandage and let the bandage stay on your skin all throughout the night. Remove the bandage cover in the morning and start cleaning the callused area.

You then have to put some moisture on the area using an olive oil. If you do not have an olive oil with you, a coconut oil is a better substitute. Perform this method once every night to see healing improvements.

5. Use an Epsom Salt

What you need to do when choosing this hand care for calluses is to put an amount of Epsom oil in a hot water.

Next, soak the affected area of your hand in the water with Epsom oil and let it stay there for about ten to fifteen minutes. You then have to use a pumice stone to remove the skin cells that are dead by rubbing it.

Once done, perform an after-care in the affected area using a lukewarm water.

Then, properly dry it.

You can put some lotion or cream on the area to better moisturize it. Do this treatment method at least two times a day. This is a very effective hand care because Epsom salt is known for its softening effect to dry and tough skin.

6. Use an Aspirin

Aspirin has the ability to make your calluses soft and to totally get rid of them quickly. Plus, it can even comfort your pain and skin irritation. To make this work, pound at least six and to seven tablets and make a powder out of them.

Next, take a teaspoon of lemon juice and pour it into a glass, mixing it with the tablets. You can then add ¼ teaspoon of water to the solution and mix everything together.

The result of this is a paste which you will apply directly on your callused skin. Once the paste is already settled on your skin, cover it with a bandage and also cover it with a warm towel.

Let it stay there for about ten minutes. Once done, take away the towel and the bandage and perform an after-care on the area using a lukewarm water.

Using your pumice stone, scrub the area to remove the dead skin cells. You can do this treatment method at least twice or thrice daily to experience faster healing.

7. Use an Onion

Known for its anti-inflammatory action, an onion is one of the best callus removers. Slice an onion and soak it in a white vinegar. Leave it there for about three to four hours.

Next, apply the soaked onion on your callused area and warp it. Let it stay there all throughout the night.

The next morning, you can remove the onion and then rub the area with a pumice stone. Then, do proper hand care and cleaning on the area using a lukewarm water.

This method can be followed once every night for about a week.


See, with just the natural hand care approach, you can eliminate the calluses on hands. Choose a natural method that works well with your skin and afterward, make yourself comfortable once again while you are using your hands for your daily chores.