Hand Care Tips on How to Make Your Hands Smoother

Hand Care TipsIt is said that beautiful hands are the hands that work. But still, they need not be rough, worn out, and dry. That’s why you have to take care of them at all times and make them feel loved.

Pamper them with the best of care using hand care tips that really work magic.

Doing hand care is important because it gets rid of bacteria, calluses, and dry skin. This method should be done at all times because our hands are also important parts of our body.

They are one of the machinery that work hard every day and without taking care of them, they’ll get rough and sometimes they will be the cause of discomfort.

Hand Care Tips

1. Treat Your Hands to a Regular Manicure

At least once or twice a month, you should pamper your hands a manicure. Having your nails done is very important because it improves your blood circulation and it also improves nail health.

Not only that.

Manicures also help you de-stress and relax.

2. Moisturize Your Hands

Moisturize your hands at least thrice a week. Do it after washing your hands. This is to smoothen the skin and prevent your hands from getting rough and dry. When you moisturize your hands, choose a hand moisturize product that is light and non-greasy.

3. Always Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands before and after every activity. This is important since you are getting dirt everywhere and it should be eradicated in order to be generally healthy. When washing your hands, use a lukewarm water.

A water that is too hot or too cold could damage your skin. Also, use a soap that is milder because soaps with strong ingredients could also irritate and even cut your skin.

4. Scrub Your Hands

It is good to scrub your hands at least once a week using an exfoliating product. This is to remove your dead skin. If you do not have an exfoliating product, make your own at home.

You can do it by mixing a teaspoon of fine sugar and an olive oil together with a half of lime juice.

Now you are ready to treat your hands with a good scrub!

5. Massage Your Hands

Hand massage gives a lot of benefits including improved range of motion for the fingers and wrist, pain relief, enhanced blood circulation. Spend some time massaging your hands. Do it especially at night. Let the moisturizer absorb into your skin to be able to enjoy the sensation.

If your hands are rough, combine your moisturizer with a little amount of Vaseline so they are well-nourished all throughout the night.

6. Protect Your Hands by Using a Sunscreen

You may be enjoying a day under the sun but don’t you know that when you expose your skin in the sun, you’ll get liver or brown spots? Sun exposure can even make your hands wrinkle, making them look older.

Therefore, you need to protect your hands from too much exposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen whenever you are outside doing your outdoor activities.

The best product to use is a sunscreen lotion.

7. Eat Healthy Foods

Nutrition plays a very important role in making your hands healthy. You have to keep an eye on the foods that you take and make sure that what you are eating are healthy and ideal ones.

Examples of foods that you should avoid in order to prevent dry hands and nail brittles are foods with Calcium. Make sure to eat foods that are plenty with Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and Protein so your nails are always in their tip top shape.

8. Apply Oils to Your Nails

Nails are also worthy of your attention. Do not disregard them because they also need to be in good condition.

Apply an oil that is intended for the nails and be sure that the oil is good quality and the ingredients that it contains are not harsh.

After applying oil to your nails, use a washcloth and gently push back the cuticles.

9. File and Trim Your Nails

It’s important to file and trim your nails so that they will look neat and clean all the time. When doing this, you have to file them in one direction in order to keep the layers together.

Do it gently so the nails won’t peel.

Do this routine at least once or twice a week.

10. Paint Your Nails

Painting the nails is not just for the reason that they’ll look beautiful. You have to paint them regularly so that your hands and nails can have plenty of moisture.

When painting the nails, make sure that you are using a base coat so that your nails look clean. A base coat also ensures our nail polish to last longer.

11. Apply a Glycerin to Your Hands

For softer hands, a drop of glycerin every night will be a good idea because it can make your hands softer.

Keeping the glycerin in your hands overnight and washing it off with a lukewarm water in the morning will make your hands feel better especially before you start your daily activities.

For better results, combine glycerin with rose water.

12. Apply Carbolic Acid and Petroleum Jelly Mixture

A combination of carbolic acid and petroleum jelly mixture gives your hands a relaxing sensation. These solutions are even a good idea for people with rough and callused hands.

13. Apply a Retinol Treatment

This is especially recommended for people who has dark spots on their hands. A retinol cream has an ability to stimulate the production of new cells, making it possible for the dark spots to disappear.

14. Wear Gloves When Doing Activities at Home

Gloves are a good protection to the hands. They protect you against sharp and harmful objects that may hurt your hands. Wear them when you go gardening, carrying heavy tools, and doing heavy manual labors.


Taking care of your hands should always be one of your priority routines. Remember these hand care tips so that your hands remain strong and healthy to continue doing their job.