How to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During Winter

good moisturizerDry skin is definitely nothing that anyone ever enjoys experiencing for themselves.

Whether your dry skin results in peeling, redness, itching or all of the above, you are guaranteed to feel miserable about the whole experience before it’s over.

It’s far from a pleasant feeling, and it’s one that quite a few people deal with every year.

This is especially true of the cold winter months. Winter, in general, makes your skin feel dry and uncomfortable.

This is due in part to the dramatic colds that quite a few people experience during these months, and also sometimes due to the high temperatures that people find themselves in while safely ensconced at home.

Thankfully, there’s a way to fix it: Moisturize! Moisturizing makes it so that the winter months don’t feel quite as hard on your skin as they did before.

This is done by keeping your skin both hydrated and protected from the weather and thermostat. This is important, both health-wise and for aesthetics: Healthy skin is beautiful, while dried skin normally is not.

Though some people find it time-consuming, once they begin to think about the positives of moisturizing during the winter, they fall in love with the idea.

But how do you go about it?

And what is best for you?

Why Moisturize?

The first, and most important, reason that you should moisturize your skin, particularly during winter, is that it is simply good for your skin. Your skin was meant to be moist; when it dries out, it is unhealthy.

That’s one reason that, when you experience skin that is dried, it is usually accompanied by other unpleasant side effects, such as peeling, redness, and irritation. This makes having dry skin not only annoying but physically unpleasant, as well.

Because winter makes it harder to keep your skin well hydrated, you should take care to focus on it during that particular season.

The second reason that you should moisturize your skin is purely aesthetic in nature, but still, a very valid reason: Hydrated, healthy skin simply looks better.

Dried skin tends to lose its luster, resulting in dull, gray, lifeless looking skin that doesn’t flatter anybody. But hydrated skin looks healthy, and ensures that you look healthy, yourself.

No matter what your skin tone might be, you always look best with moisturized, plump skin. This will offset wrinkles and other lines, as well as give you an overall more youthful appearance.

No matter what, your beauty regimen should include a good moisturizer.

How to Moisturize

The best way to moisturize, especially during the cold winter months, is to use a moisturizing cream on any area of the body likely to become chapped or dry.

This helps in a lot of ways, the best being to keep the skin hydrated in a normally dry period of time. It also helps because a great deal of creams help to protect the skin against any outside harshness, normally via a layer of protection, which blocks the skin from exposure.

This protection, combined with the moisturizing effect that the cream has, will keep your skin healthy and happy all winter long.

But it isn’t all just about using moisturizing products. In order to ensure that your skin is going to be at its healthiest throughout the cold months, you’ll need to work on limiting your exposure to harsh environments and agents that will dry it out.

This might be hard, especially if you live in an area that is very cold, or if you spend a great deal of time inside where there is a lot of heat; either one can dry skin out, and quickly.

No matter which may or may not be true, limit the time you spend in these extremes. If it’s cold, wear gloves. If it’s hot, turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

As you’ve hopefully seen, moisturizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy, and, by extension, beautiful, skin. Whether you’re doing so because you want to keep skin supple, smooth, and full, or whether because you want to regain that glow that you once had, moisturizing is important.

This is especially true in the winter when the weather itself will seem to be out to dehydrate your skin. However, if you take the time to build a moisturizing regimen, you’ll soon have gorgeous skin…even in winter!

But it doesn’t just stop at the normal moisturizer. When you use one in the winter, you’ll find that it helps by providing an added layer of protection from the problems that cause dry skin in the first place.

This protective layer will keep the cold winter air or even the hot indoor air away from your delicate skin, protecting its level of hydration. No matter the temperature, indoors or outdoors, using a moisturizer is a must during the winter.