Top 3 Luxury Hand Cream Reviews 2018

luxury hand creamThere are many reasons why one would want to look into a luxury hand cream.

One of the most common reasons is that normal hand creams aren’t giving you the level of results that you expect.

Another would be a desire to have a product with better ingredients and a trusted name attached to it.

These are both reasons to choose a luxury hand cream over the more garden-variety options! With these luxurious options, you will have better and faster results; higher-quality ingredients; and a brand name that is trusted in the beauty industry.

If this describes what you want out of a hand cream, then a luxury hand cream might be for you!

What Makes Luxury Hand Cream?

The first, and very important, a qualifier for a true luxury hand cream is the ingredients that go into it. A luxury hand cream should have luxurious ingredients, after all!

This means a lack of cheap filler ingredients or those harsh add-ins that are commonly found in other, less expensive hand creams.

The second most important thing is how convenient the cream is to use. If a product is difficult, tedious, or tiresome to use, it won’t do you any good, because you won’t want to use it! So any luxury hand creams should be simple to use, and not require a complicated system.

Another important thing that goes into labeling a hand cream luxurious is the brand of the cream itself. Though it may seem like just an arbitrary thing, many luxury-brand hand creams are labeled as such because they are truly the best in the industry. Higher-quality products almost always come from luxury brands.

And lastly, the most important difference between normal hand creams and luxury hand creams:  The results!

When looking at the results, you’ll find that luxury hand creams are always those with the top results, meaning that they work far better than the other hand creams in that category.

1. Jan Marini – Skin Research Marini Luminate Hand Cream

The Jan Marini Skin Research Marini Hand Cream is a great option in luxury hand cream from the trusted brand, Jan Marini. It has a wealth of amazing, documented to work ingredients to help enhance the aesthetics and skin health on your hands. This includes helping reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation.

The ingredients used in this hand cream are absolutely phenomenal and have been scientifically linked to better skin health, clearer skin, more youthful appearance, and evening uneven skin tone. These ingredients include meadowfoam, pomegranate, licorice, and cucumber. For this formula to work, all that you have to do is apply the product to the backs of your hand in the morning and evening – simple!Jan Marini Skin Research Marini Luminate Hand Cream

The benefits that you can expect to see when using Jan Marini Research Marini Luminate Hand Cream include a reduction in the appearance of age signs, wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation. Your skin will appear smoother, healthier, more supple, and more evenly colored.

And the results are truly spectacular. By the end of the fourth month of using this product, you can expect for the aesthetics and health of your skin to have increased dramatically, taking years off of your hands!

2. Natura Bisse Tensolift – Hand Cream SPF15

Natura Bisse Tensolift Hand Cream SPF15 is a great choice for those who find that their hands aren’t quite as supple and the skin not as full as they once were. This is a product designed to fill out the skin in your hands, giving them a more youthful appearance, while also protecting it from sun damage in the process!

The ingredients found in this luxury hand cream are perfect for those who value aesthetics, as well as health. The daisy extract in the formula is added to give your skin a luminous, brightening effect, making your skin look younger on the surface. The Hyaluronic Acid helps to increase the skin volume and density, making your skin look younger from the inside out.Natura Bisse Tensolift Hand Cream SPF 15

The benefits of this hand cream are younger, healthier looking skin. This is great if you’re concerned about your hands making you look older, or if you’re particularly harsh on your hands. The SPF 15 helps to prevent any sun damage, as well.

Because of the ingredients, as well as the SPF, you’ll begin to see the effects very quickly. The SPF will stop any burning or uneven coloration within a few days, and your skin will begin to appear fuller and more luminous shortly afterward.

3. AMOUAGE Honour  – Women’s Hand Cream

If you are looking for a luxurious hand cream to help deal with dry, cracked, or otherwise unhealthy skin, then you might want to consider purchasing AMOUAGE Honour Women’s Hand Cream. It has a remarkably moisturizing formula, including shea butter, without leaving your skin feeling greasy afterward. It also has delightful white floral fragrance inspired by the beautiful Madame Butterfly.

The ingredients used by this hand cream are extremely luxurious and procured from all around the world. Some of these are exceedingly rare, but all of them are of the highest quality. These ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera, glycerin, and even silicone. This will leave behind a layer of protection, but no greasy feeling! You can apply as you please.AMOUAGE Honour Women's Hand Cream

AMOUAGE Honour Women’s Hand Cream is a great choice in luxury hand cream that helps to moisturize the skin on your hands without leaving a greasy residue. It helps to lock this moisture into your skin. It also smells wonderful.

The results associated with this cream will be noticed very quickly. Upon using, you will feel an immediate difference in moisture levels. But, as you use this product more, you will be able to feel and even see the difference in your hands!


Whether you’re looking for something to give you an all-around beauty and health pick-me-up for your hands, are looking for something that will help stop the sun from damaging your skin, or want something to give your hands a little bit of extra moisture, you can’t go wrong with a luxury hand cream!