Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand CreamWhen you’re searching for a lotion that will help your skin, you probably want something powerful enough to not have to keep reapplying.

With Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, you get that and more. It is designed to be used by those that live in harsh and cold environments, but it can work well no matter where you live.

Here’s more information on the features of this product.

Who is this cream for?

It was originally designed for Norwegian fisherman to use on their hands. This means it was able to help the hands of some very hard working men in one of the coldest regions of the world.

Nowadays anyone can use it, when they have dry or cracked hands and need some aid. Some people use it on their baby’s skin for problems like cradle cap as well, so it’s gentle enough to be used on most types of skin.

1. Can work immediately

Not only does this lotion work immediately after you put it on, but it can start improving your skin the first day that you use it. You won’t have to wait weeks or even days to see the differences in your hands.

2. Thick formula

The hand cream is very thick and even though it is only a 2 ounce bottle, it has more than 200 applications in it. This means you’ll just need a little dab to keep you protected. You won’t have to use a lot to see results and you can be sure that this tube will last you for quite a while.

3. Contains glycerin

The ingredient list is short in this cream, and it contains glycerin. This is an ingredient that is known to be gentle in most cases, and is also great for skin products because it can help lock in moisture.

4. Can use it other places

You don’t have to use it only on your hands. You can use it on any other place that is extremely dry and needs help too. This may include places like elbows and parts of your face.

5. Has no fragrance

There isn’t a fragrance to worry about with the product, so you can even be used by men or people that have sensitivities to smells.

6. Absorbs quickly

It should absorb into your skin relatively fast each time you use it. This will ensure that you don’t have sticky or oily hands throughout the day. The product works even better if you use it when you’re going to bed, since it will have all night to help repair your skin.

7. Hard to figure out the right amount to use

When you first start using the product, it may be hard to figure out the right amount to use. If you use too much it might feel greasy, but if you use too little, it may not help your skin the way you want it to. Do a little bit of trial and error and after a few applications, you should be able to dispense the correct amount for you.

One More Thing

Even if you have tried many other products in the past to no avail, it is worth it to give this one a shot. It doesn’t cost a lot and it may be able to repair your hands.

There are many people that work as nurses, who have to wash their hands countless times a day that love this stuff and have it around at all times. The truth is that it can be used by anyone, and can help even cases where hands have cracks, are bleeding, and are hurting you daily.

This is a simple solution and can allow you to feel comfort after each application. They also make this powerful formula in a number of other products too, in case you have other areas in your body that need this type of care.

The Bottom Line

This is a powerful hand cream that is unlikely to bother even a child’s sensitive skin, but will work after just the first use. You can use it once or a few times a day to get rid of painfully dry hands and to help them heal over time. It isn’t a product that will simply cover up the problem. It will actually help fix your problem, which is something that other creams may have trouble doing.

If you’ve been searching for a lotion that will be able to provide relief and is also easy to use, this is something you should check out. It doesn’t have a smell to it, and won’t break the bank, even if you go through a lot of it or use it many times a day. It is also from a nationally recognized brand that you may already trust.