Day Use No Crack Hand Cream Review

Day Use No-Crack Hand CreamIf you’ve been searching for a powerful product to keep your hands looking and feeling young, you have probably tried many different types of creams and lotions.

While some of the best items are found in small tubes, this one is a jar, so it’s easier to get the proper amount. This formula is designed to be used during the day time, and can work well after just one application.

This review will tell you the positives and negatives of the product, so you can be fully informed about this special hand cream.

1. Has a light scent

There is a light scent in this one, which some people may consider a little old fashioned. However, since the product works well, you may not even care what it smells like.

2. Designed to be used during the day

This is a day cream, so it is specially formulated to be used on your hands during the day. The manufacturer recommends putting in on your hands after you wash them, or when you’ve been exposed to harsh elements or soaps.

3. Good for other areas too

Besides just keeping hands from getting cracked and damaged, it can be applied to feet, knees, elbows, or other places where your skin can be extremely dry and painful. Just a little bit should help you, especially since the formula stays with you for a while.

4. Creates protective barrier

The reason the lotion stays with you so long is because it creates a protective barrier on your skin. In other words, it won’t simply wash off when you apply it. It will keep protecting your skin for hours, especially when you use it properly.

5. Helps you absorb water

It also helps you absorb water in your skin, which means your hands will stay moisturized when you use this cream. This is a feature that is rare and may lead to long lasting results in the smooth appearance of your skin.

6. Comes in a jar

Unlike the majority of hand creams, this one comes in a jar instead of a tube. This not only allows for you to get precisely the right amount, but it indicates that the formula is thick. This thick formula is what ensures that the product is not greasy going on and will stay on your skin. It won’t make you feel gross or like you have something on your hands either.

7. Can enrich skin

There are many people that can benefit from the use of this product because its many advantages help it enrich your skin. It is perfect for people that work outside or those that have to wash their hands frequently. It is also safe enough to use each day. It can also be utilized by men or women because it is such a helpful product that will even solve men’s problem skin, which is quite impressive.

8. Don’t have to use it during day

Although it is called a day use cream, there are no rules against using it at night. However, there is a separate night version you can purchase for night use, which may have slightly different ingredients, in order to help your skin heal while you sleep.

9. Scent not for everyone

Some people don’t care for the scent because it may seem a little old fashioned. There is a version of this hand cream that is unscented, however, so you can purchase that one instead and should get the same results.


Even though this one comes in a jar, don’t think that it isn’t convenient to have around to use on demand. This one is a size that is small enough to keep in your purse or nightstand, so you’ll always have it handy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll only need to use a little bit. You can reach a couple fingers into the container and pull out just enough to use, once a day or several times a day. Make sure that your skin is protected if you live in a cold or a dry climate, since these two things can really wreak havoc on your hands.


When you’re looking for a powerful product that is a little bit different than you’re used to, this No Crack cream is something that should be quite appealing. It comes in a plastic jar, so it won’t open up in your purse. The formula is powerful enough to even be used on hands that are exposed to the elements at all times.

In fact, it helps create a protective barrier, so you can have long lasting effects. Give it a try if you need something new, and remember that you can purchase a day version and a fragrance free version as well.