How to Have Softer Hands: Hand Care Tips

how to make your hands softerA softer pair of hands is incomparable!

You can’t be comfortable when your hands are dry, cracked, and rough, so to be able to get rid of these conditions, you need to do certain measures to make them look and feel softer and smoother.

It is important when your hands are smooth so you can better perform your duties and activities.

A smooth pair of hands can give you confidence, too. It can even make you feel good about yourself. So, here are the hand care tips on how to make your hands softer that you can follow:

1. Use a Moisturizer

A moisturizer does a lot of wonders to the hands. It has the ability to protect the skin by acting as a defensive barrier when the natural moisturizing oils of the hands are gone. To be able to make your hands well-nourished, choose a moisturizing cream that is intended for the hands.

Hand creams are different compared to a regular moisturizer or lotion because they are much thicker. In hand creams, you can get a lot of nutrients that you need in order to make your hands soft and smooth. They are a great choice especially when your hands are rough and dry.

Now if you happen to see a moisturizing hand cream that has a thick texture, that hand cream may not be good enough. You need to find something that is thicker in texture.

2. Use Exfoliants

Exfoliants are very useful as they help you get away with dead skin on your hands. Use exfoliants before and after a moisturizing process so your skin feels soft.

It is nice to have hands that do not have dead skins and to be able to achieve this, you need exfoliants to do the job.

How to apply exfoliants, by the way?

You need to scrub the dead skin. Next, scrub the fresh skin that is lying underneath. Exfoliants, by the way, can be purchased at different stores.

3. Use Gloves

Gloves can really make your hands super comfortable. And you do not need anything else to achieve such a feeling. Gloves are ideally helpful especially when you are too busy to do a hand care of to apply moisturizers and hand creams.

You can buy spa gloves at some stores if you want to enjoy softer hands overnight. These spa gloves have a permanent gel that lines them and these usually help lock the moisture in your hands.

This is one of the effortless methods you can try when you want to make your hands soft and smooth.

Now, if you do not own any glove, or if you can’t find any at stores, then you can make use of your socks.


You’ve read it right.

Socks are not only intended for your feet but they can be a good alternative if you do not have gloves for your hands.

4. Use Olive Oil

To get softer hands, it is also good to resort to essential oils which are proven to really benefit the overall health. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that can cure dry hands.

They can make the skin on your hands smooth, soft, and well-nourished. Plus, it has anti-aging components which really help a lot.

For about five to ten minutes, massage your hands with a warm olive oil. Do this twice a day so your hands stay smooth the entire day. You can combine olive oil and fine sugar and rub them on your hands.

Do it in a light and circular motion for about a few minutes. Once done, rinse it using a lukewarm water then let it dry.

You can then apply a moisturizer or a hand cream afterward.

To enjoy best results, maintain this routine at least twice weekly.

5. Use An Oatmeal

You might have never heard of it before, or even tried doing it, but using an oatmeal really helps a lot especially when your hands are seriously dry and unhealthy.

Oatmeal works as a natural cleanser and exfoliant because of its protein content that helps you hold the water and oils on your skin, making them softer and well-moisturized.

6. Use a Coconut Oil

If your hands are constantly dry and rough, worry no more as coconut oil will solve it for you. It has an ability to soothe the skin even if it’s damaged by ultraviolet rays. To use it, use a warm extra-virgin coconut oil and apply it on your hands.

For about five minutes, massage your hands using a circular motion. Do this before you go to sleep so you feel relaxed and make this a habit every day.

7. Use a Milk Cream

Milk cream has many skin benefits including making your hands feel beautiful and soft. It’s because of its natural moisturizing content.

To be able to achieve softer hands, pour a decent amount of milk cream on your hands and rub it for about 10 minutes.

Rinse your hands next using a lukewarm water.

It is best to do this routine daily to get better results.

8. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its hair benefits but it can also help a lot if you have dry hands. It boasts natural moisturizing contents that help your hands maintain their moisture.

To make it happen, cut a piece of aloe vera leaf and take away its gel-like substance. Apply the substance on your hands and start massaging it for about several minutes.

Wait at least ten to fifteen minutes then start rinsing it off using a lukewarm water.

This can be done once or twice a week.


Now that you know the ways on how to make your hands softer, you are ready to enjoy an even beautiful pair of hands. It’s nice when you’re comfortable with your hands and not suffering when they are dry, right? Follow these tips and remember that nice, clean, and healthy hands can make you do and achieve many more things.