Should I Use Hand Cream On Face? Why?

using hand cream on faceWith the fast-paced world where we are now living in, topics like skin care areamong the most prevalent subject.

This is for the reason that the environment is becoming harsh each day and it becomes hard to tell whether the skin is still protected or not.

Also, the skin is the first thing that comes in contact with germs and bacteria and it is also the first part of the body which is prone to diseases, infections, andviruses.

With this in hand, many people discuss the best skin treatment solutions and creams to use for specific skin types. Furthermore, many people question whether or not hand creams can also be used on the face.

In this article, we will answer the question “Should I Use Hand Cream on Face? Why?”, and will also share with you some important bits and pieces about the matter.

What Is the Difference Between a Hand Cream and a Facial Cream?

For us to determine if a hand cream is usable as a facial cream, let us first differentiate the two products and know their specific uses and features.using hand cream on face

Facial cream

Facial creams are more popular and common to see in the market than hand creams. This is for the simple reason that they are more concerned on the skin over their facial area than that in the hand.

At the same time, the increased numbers of these products bring about much cheaper costs compared to hand lotions and other skin treatment solutions.

Facial skin is among the sensitive parts of the human body and is very much prone to skin problems brought about by dirt, oil, andbacteria. Among the common skin problems incurred in the facial area includingacne, pimples, black and white heads, wrinkles, age spots or dark spots and many others.

Compared to other parts of the body, the facial skin is thinner and has greater absorption to moist, heat, and even dirt. The pores over the facial area also open easily upon contact to heat and also immediately close upon contact to cold.

There is also a distinction between a woman’s facial skin and a man’s facial skin. a woman’s facial skin has lesser hair follicles and more open pores which makes more prone to UV ray exposure which can burn the skin and sometimes leave dark spots.

On the other hand, man’s hairy facial skin require more maintenance rituals such as shaving which requires specific facial cream or treatment solutions to avoid irritation and rashes.

Hand cream

Although the face is usually what’s noticed in a person, the hands could also indicate signs of aging. Also, other people can tell the profession of a person by simply looking at the hands and feeling its texture.

Unfortunately, many people with good and high-paying professions have dry and wrinkly hands due to improper hand care or even wrong use of products.

We use our hands to do chores, work, and activities every daywhich tends to decrease the hand’s moisture level and its vibrancy. It is also due to the constantuse that we lose the smooth texture of our hands.

Compared to the facial skin, the skin on the hands are less sensitive and have a thickerlayer of the epidermis.

Depending on the permeability of the pores on the hands, they can either sweat easily or lose moist easily.

For hands that easily dry, it is always important to keep the hand moist using a hand lotion or treatment cream.

For sweaty hands, it is always best to keep them clean and treated with the right treatment solution.

Should I Use Hand Cream On Face?

As mentioned earlier, the hand and the face are two different parts of the body. Although they are both skin layers, they have different features and aspects which require a different level of treatment, care, and function.

Here are the primary reasons why you should not use your hand cream on your face.

Different formulas

Hand cream and facial creams or lotions have different formulas or ingredients incorporated intothem. Each of these substances or formulas is designed for a specific use only and can cause different effects whenever used on other body parts.

Furthermore, there is a concentration level present in each formula wherein if misused or used on other body parts can cause adverse effects.

Strong formulation

Another reason not to use your hand lotion over your face isthat handcream solutions are more robust or they tend to be stronger than other skin solutions.

This simply means that the formulation on hand creams can burn sensitive skin areas such as the facial skin and skins on the neck and chest area. While it may not burn, it can cause rashes, irritation and other skin problems.

Dangerous on open wounds

Although both products promote better skin healing upon regular application, some products are not very safe to use on open wounds. The substances and chemicals can seep through the open wound and can cause problems not only on the exterior of the skin but also on the inside.

While hand creams will have no problems cover areas with minor wounds, hand creams applied on wounds located around the facial area can cause problems.

Skin tightening features

While facial creams make the face look younger by tightening the skin, it doesn’t usually work on the hands since it requires a more potent level of substances for skin tightening.

Effects of using the facialcream on the hands and vice-versa

Among the possible effects of interchanging the products include flaking of the skin, dryness and too much sweating or moist depending on the type of skin, itchiness, irritation, rashes, pimples and even acne and boils.


It is always convenient to have one solution instead of buying two. For the case of hand cream and facial cream, however, it is best to opt for the proper products in order to ensure the health of the skin.

With the details mentioned in this article, it now becomes easy to answer the question “Should I Use Hand Cream on Face?”and you now also have an idea on which features and specifications to find on your ideal skin care products.